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A comfy home made for living, just right for scenic spots.

EC Mobile Modular House, featuring a 40m² living space and 3 rooms - a generously lit living room with a 3m-wide showcase and access to the terrace, two separate bedrooms, a bathroom, and a closet. Suitable for year-round living. Production completed within 45 working days.


Realized EC HOUSE

About EC house


  • Living area - 40m²

Included in the price

  • Finished interior and exterior decoration,
  • Tiled bathroom,
  • Painted walls and ceiling,
  • Grid covering,
  • 3-pane PVC windows,
  • Plumbing


  • Grid thickness 400mm (insulation 300)
  • External walls 330mm (insulation 250mm) Diffusion membrane and Tavaika insulation (wall frame 195mm)
  • Roof sheet 335mm insulation 250mm (rafter 250mm)

Select the house layout that appeals to you the most.

EC 1

EC 2

EC 3

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